Why We Hate Roaches

We always have this weird hate to cockroaches. We hate it so much that we employ various ways just to eradicate them. In fact, most people would kill a cockroach without a second thought! In the midst of our battle against cockroaches, we have to understand why most people hate cockroaches?

We hate cockroaches because these little red, brown and black critters are incredibly gross and terrifying. Yes, cockroaches are 6-legged terrors, especially when they fly. Furthermore, they are harbinger of sicknesses. They bring bacteria that can cause leprosy, dysentery, diarrhea, infections, inflammations, gastroenteritis, typhoid and more. Furthermore, cockroaches have been found to acquire and carry certain various including hepatitis virus. Worst of all, cockroaches prefer to live in our kitchens.

Why would cockroaches insist on living beside us? Well, there’s a long history between cockroaches and our early ancestors. Roaches have always lived, adapted and evolved alongside large mammals (early humans included) and have gained continuous access to various food source like food scraps, mildew, mold as well as eggs of other mammalian parasites like fleas, ticks, lice and bed bugs. While most mammals aren’t bothered of having these bugs as neighbors, we humans have grown to dislike these bugs as centuries go by.

We hate cockroaches because they are filthy. They are filthy because they live on dark, damp and moldy places. They live in the sewers. They live beneath decomposing things. They live in trash heaps. They leave on human and animal waste. They live on anything that is filthy. Although research shows cockroaches would often groom to get rid of contaminants, the fact that they step on anything filthy would still make us squirm when we see a roach scuttling over our sandwich.

So how would we get rid of this filthy bus? Well, my solution for this is Pest Control. It would be the best way to remove these hated creatures out of my home.

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