Creativity in Marketing

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“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

Originally quoted by David Mackenzie Ogilvy, an advertising executive who was widely known as “The Father of Advertising”, this is a quote or saying that I believe every businessman should live by.

Ok, if they cannot live by it, then they should at least pay heed to it. After all, David Mackenzie Ogilvy was a very successful businessman and he had made a lot of products well known and businesses succeed during his time. In fact, he was also considered as the most sought after wizard in the advertising industry.

Ogilvy’s advertising philosophy follows 4 principles.

1. BIG IDEA! Businessmen or a marketing professional must have Creative Brilliance!

2. RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! He believes the importance of research in advertising. Even now, research is an important aspect in marketing your business so that you can understand what your target audiences want.

3. GET ACTUAL RESULTS. In the business world, being a creative thinker is useless if you cannot sell it. In the end, results is all that matter.

4. PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINE. Self-explanatory. Nuff’ said.

A lot of successful businessmen and marketers follow these 4 principles (even if they don’t know about David Mackenzie Ogilvy and his advertising philosophy). However, there are still many businessmen who aren’t creative enough and are very inferior when it comes to advertising. They cannot do anything good and all their efforts are wasted.

Fortunately, they can always get a consultant. Marketing consultants can do a lot of thing like manage online reviews, SEO, social media and many more.

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