A Bad Case of Crazy Fans

Crazy individuals are just crazy and scary at the same time. What’s even scarier is if these crazy fans would do crazy things just for their beloved idols.

The best example is the recent string of gruesome Instagram and Twitter posts made by crazy One Direction fans.

But why would I call them gruesome?

If you haven’t seen these posts yet, let me tell you this. Don’t waste your time looking for them because you would realize how low these individuals have fallen.

images (5)There are suicidal freaks that cut their own arms and wrists, snap a photo of it and then uploaded it online with the message of their disappointment and protest to Zayn’s decision. And there are actually news about fans who committed suicide because of their disappointment and grief. As if Zayn Malik would feel guilty about what they did because if he did feel guilty, then he should have released a statement or something.

If those freaks are crazy, then there’s someone crazier – the girl who killed their dog. She didn’t just kill it; she decapitated it and took a picture of it. Then posted the pic on social media and blaming her action to what Zayn Malik did. Then she demanded that the guy return or else she would do more.

I pity the innocent dog. Why did that dog meet such gruesome fate? It’s not fair for the dog. I hope the PETA would do something about it. Most of all, I hope these fans would think things through because the world doesn’t end just because Zayn left One D.

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