If I were to move…

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If I were to move to a new house, I want it large. Well, not as large as a mansion or palace. I don’t have the financial ability to live grandly so I’d rather opt for something that I could afford and a house that is just perfect for us.

Also I want a design that I consider ideal for the weather. I want it to have a spacy interior and warm atmosphere. If possible I want it to be made of bricks for a more classical appeal. And since bricks can come in various colors today, I want it to be green or any shade of it. Also, I want large windows and several of them. I don’t know about architectural trends nowadays, but it seemed like windows are getting fewer and smaller. Making homes interiors dim and rely more on AC systems. This won’t definitely do since utilities are very expensive these days.

I also prefer if the house has tiled roofing. Galvanized iron roofing would only increase the temperature inside the house during the hot days. I’ve experienced living in a cheap apartment before and it was like an oven because of the poor choice of roofing it has. If possible, the distance between the ceiling and the floor should be high. You see, the further the distance between the floor and the ceiling, the better would be the ventilation.

If I were to look for another house, no realtor would dictate me with what I want. I will decide everything. The realtor would just help me find a good house and make the deal favorable for me. And once I found that house, I would definitely get mover so that I can move in to my new house.

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